Saturday, May 11, 2013

O My Brothers

Here's to all the men, the bungled and the botched
Here's to all the guys with dicks and balls at their crotch
Here's to all the heroes risking lives while fighting fires
Here's to all the workers raising Freedom Tower spires
Here's to all the voters who gave their brothers equal rights
Here's to all the cops who captured terrorists in gunfights
Here's to all the roughnecks sucking power from the ground
Here's to all the truckers bringing happiness to town

Here's to all the victims who are rotting in a cell
'Cuz some woman said he raped her and the system said oh well
Even though there's next to no evidence of crime
You're a man, and therefore guilty, bound to doing time

Here's to all the husbands getting beaten by their wives
And with nowhere else to go end up taking their own lives
'Cuz society and government will never donate money
To a man's domestic violence shelter. They just think it's funny.

Here's to all the fathers who had their children ripped away
By a system that said the better parent's the one who cannot pay
'Cuz even if the man was the solitary provider
The woman gets it all just for the uterus inside her

Here's to all the fellas watching women's lives get longer
While their sons are getting weaker and their daughters getting stronger
Who have to listen every day to all the women say
They can do anything a man can do and better in every way

Until the pickle jar won't open or the roach is on the wall
Then they're screaming for a man to come and heed their beck and call
And god forbid the man should say "Take care if it yourself."
She'll play her pussy trump card and make his life a living hell.

So, here's to you, my friends, and to all the unnamed others
I raise my beer and proudly dare to call you all my brothers

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