Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Snizz Iz the Biz

Where are the women?

Not the silly little girls
With their hair done up in curls
Who think fake boobs and a tan
Is the way to snag a man
You know, the superficial bims
Who care about your rims
'Cuz a fat ol' stack of bills
Is what gives 'em body chills
Doing belly shots all night
In jeans too friggin' tight
Two hours in the weight room
Three hours in the bathroom
To land a sugar daddy's heart
Then let themselves fall apart

No, I mean the women

Not the stuck-up know-it-alls
Who get off on busting balls
And always think they're better
On the basis of their gender
You know, the self-righteous femmes
Who denigrate the gents
Who have a word to say
That isn't "Please" or "May
I have some more?"
So they can slam the door
In a decent fella's face
And put him in his place
Make him feel like a dog
And her high on the hog

No, I mean the women

Not the psychopathic nuts
Calling other women sluts
Then running all around
Banging every guy in town
You know, the manipulative types
With the never-ending snipes
Telling one story to me
Then another one to he
Then another one to she
Then denying all three
Who'll give a guy a pop
Then go running to the cops
Crying poor little victim
When she's the one who hit him

No, I mean the women

Don't need a man to make their lives a piece of cake
The earning my respect 'cuz they're giving what they get
Couldn't give a bleat about statuses and tweets
The iron granite spine, never asking for a dime
With dry, sarcastic wit, intellectually fit
The mother to her child with uncompromising style
The challenging, engaging, intriguing, stimulating
Fascinating, funny, not obsessed with money
Fiercely analytical, passionately political
Eyes and mind wide open, never give up hopin'

I ain't looking for a ton
Can someone just show me one?

Here's a video of me reading this poem live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQpCFmcOjJ4

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